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Factors Determining How Long Uwell’s Coils Last

by Renee

One of the most crucial components of a sub ohm tank is the coil, especially for vapers who use their devices frequently. Coils are a crucial component of your setup, regardless of your level of vaping experience or your propensity for chasing clouds.

The coil life of your Uwell vape device depends on various factors including:

Coil Materials

A coil’s lifetime is significantly influenced by its material. Kanthal wire is currently the most widely utilized material in atomizers. This particular wire is created from an iron, chromium, and aluminium alloy. It also goes by the name ferritic iron, indicating that there is absolutely no carbon in it. Kanthal wire is perfect for vaping applications because of its outstanding resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

How You Use Your Coils

Your coils will deteriorate at varying rates depending on your vaping techniques. For instance, chain vapers take shorter puffs more frequently than regular vapers, who take larger puffs less frequently, leading to chain vaping causing more wear than regular vaping. Make sure you don’t exceed 80% of the maximum wattage rating for that specific coil if you’re using a sub ohm tank, such as the Crown 3.

The Wattage You Vape at

Your coils will last less time if you smoke at a higher wattage. This is a result of the intense heat that higher wattage vaping produces. Consider utilizing a sub ohm tank or regulated mod with a lower wattage range if you want to utilize a more potent mod and want to get the most out of it. Alternately, you might reduce your wattage or increase the interval between refills to fix this.

The Type of Juice You Vape

Vaping relies heavily on juice. Your coils will begin to deteriorate prematurely if you vape an excessive amount of hot juice. Try to only vape when your coils are still cool enough to prevent overheating in order to prevent this. The best way to determine this is to look at them via the tank’s window or at the base of the tank, where they connect, to see whether they have any burnt or discoloured areas. If so, they might soon need to be replaced.

The Type of Tank You are Using

The type of tank you are using with your coils is another element in determining how long they will last. Some tanks have better airflow systems than others, which can affect how quickly or slowly your coils burn out and cease functioning properly. Your coils will last considerably less time if you use an RDA or RTA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) than if you were using an RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer).


Uwell has made every effort to create a heating element that is at the cutting edge of performance and safety. In addition to improving the upper micro-grooves on the coil itself, this necessitates using a higher grade of nickel alloy. Additionally, Uwell has added new improvements to the upper chamber. This is because a lower ohm coil requires more amperage, which results in significantly more heat being produced by these coils, cancelling out the benefits of the higher surface area compared to lower ohm coils.

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