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Rattan Furniture Ideas To Incorporate In Your Home’s Design

by Renee

It’s surprising how rattan made a successful comeback as a choice material for interior designs. In the past we saw rattan furniture being used in our grandparents homes and thought that would be the end of it. Like wood, rattan is made from natural material. It’s the thin, flexible stem of palm trees. It is a durable material and has different applications. It has a characteristic brown colour and gives natural beauty to any space.

The rattan furniture is often used interchangeably as wicker furniture. Although they have similar material, they’re not the same. When rattan is used to design frames, the end result is what becomes wicker furniture. Anyway, if you’re looking for ideas to incorporate rattan furniture into your home space, then you’re where you should be.

Double seater hanging chair

If you have a large patio and haven’t properly utilized it, installing a double seater hanging chair made of rattan may just be what is missing. If you have a good patio view, then there’s no better way to incorporate a natural theme to your patio than with this rattan furniture. It comes with beautiful custom cushions that give better comfort.

Boho shelves

If you love some boho vintage style, then there’s no reason why you cannot incorporate them with rattan material. These shelves make an excellent addition in the bedroom, nursery, living room, and dining area. They can brighten up a space and can be used as bookshelves, art shelves or just decorate them with plants and vases.

Coffee table

Coffee tables are beautiful. They make a great interior design idea and can blend easily to the room’s theme. If you’re looking to add some earthy and natural style to a room, try adding a rattan coffee table. There’s no way you wouldn’t have friends and family asking for your furniture supplier. Rattan coffee table screams elegance and beauty to any space.

Rattan cushion ottoman

Since we’re discussing centerpieces, while not slip in a beautifully crafted cushion ottoman. Ottomans are fast becoming a good replacement for center tables because of their versatility. They can be used as a footstool, table, and a seat. Now, add in rattan and see your space exude a perfect blend of modern and a sophisticated design style. What’s more? It is easy to maintain since the cushion is breathable as a result of the rattan.

Rattan pod chair

Do you have a large outdoor space and are looking for the best breathable furniture to hang out with family and friends? There are very few options that can rival a rattan made chair like a pod chair. This egg cup styled design offers comfort and relaxation. It’s also a good patio chair if you don’t have enough outdoor space. Do not be afraid to add a cushion into the pod and let yourself sink in for a cool summer evening relaxation.


Rattan furniture has been a part of interior designs for centuries. It has evolved into modern styles and is used in designing new furniture like the ottoman. Rattan is an excellent material because it is natural, strong, and highly durable. If you’ve been looking to add rattan furniture to your home, the post discusses good ideas to consider. You also do not have to worry about cost, since they are affordable masterpieces.

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