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What To Look For In High-Quality Storage Unit Latch?

by Renee

A sturdy storage latch will deter most would-be thieves since the amount of time and effort required to break the storage unit latch would raise the probability of catching them. Consider the following characteristics of a storage latch before making a purchase:


The portion of the latch known as the shackle is the component that passes through the latch or hasp of your storage door. You will need a restraint with a slightly more significant thickness than the catch’s diameter. Choose a shackle that has the thickest diameter possible while still being able to pass through the hasp. Most users should be OK with a bond with a diameter of at least 3/8 inches.

Latching Mechanism

When the latch is closed, the shackle is kept in place by several pins that are part of the mechanism that secures the latch. The restraint will be unfastened after the key has been inserted. The greater the number of pins a storage unit latch has, the more difficult it is to pick. If you want the most excellent possible protection, we suggest going with a latch with at least five pins, but anything from seven to ten is much better.

Latch Body

This portion of the latch contains the mechanism that really does the latching. The body of the latch needs to be made entirely of metal, most optimally one of the following: hardened steel or titanium.

Boron Carbide

Boron carbide is among the most abrasion-resistant substances on the planet. They are also utilized to construct latches with a high level of security. Even though they are the most costly sort of latch that can be purchased, it is far more difficult to cut them using bolt cutters. Although this kind of lock may not be necessary for most renters, it is undoubtedly the safest option. Some may insist that you utilize a certain kind of latch. You may also get latches of good quality from Amazon or the hardware shop in your area.

Cylinder lock Latch for Storage Units

Increasing numbers of storage facilities give their units cylinder latches to secure their doors. Because they are placed inside the storage unit, much like the front door latches in your home or apartment, these latches provide the highest level of security currently available. Because the latches are flush with the door of the unit, it is impossible to cut these. In the same way, as disc latches are, they are resistant to being struck, drilled, and picked.

Because storage unit doors are designed to function only with particular cylinder latches, you will need to acquire one directly from the facility office to access your unit. Self-storage facilities that use these latches do things a little bit differently because they are a relatively recent invention in the world of self-storage latches.

Worst Latches

A combination lock is the most insecure kind of lock that may be used for self-storage, much worse than a low-cost imitation of one of the locks described above. Combination locks are among the most superficial waves for burglars to get into. Forget about the bother of forgetting the code; it’s just not worth it. Because of the inherent danger, some facilities may not even allow you to use a combination lock, even if you have one.

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